Miele Vacuum Cleaners

miele vacuum cleanersMiele has been manufacturing the electrical appliances or home products since 1899. Their various types of vacuum cleaners are world renowned for their design, durability, and great performance.

Miele vacuum cleaners are examples of great engineering, hence why they’ve become one of the best selling and most sought after brands of cleaner. This is not only because of their state of the art technology, but also stylish design. Nowadays, many consider Miele brand to be the very best vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world.

There are some great features of Miele vacuums that flow through the entire range of models and series on offer. One of the most essential features of a vacuum cleaner is of course to suck up dust, dirt and debris, but equally as important is to contain it.

Miele vacuum models have a great performance, and because of the size of the company and their range of vacuums, you’ll find that there are some excellent discount Miele vacuums to be found online. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Miele offers.


Miele Vacuum Cleaner Features

Miele models use a double layer dust bag, advanced exhaust filter configuration and pre-motor filter, which helps retain the sucked up dirt and dust. As well as good manouverability, the accessories like the stainless steel wands help vacuum the most hard-to-reach corners around the home.

Following are two important features that you can found on Miele vacuums:

Miele vacuum cleaners by standard are pretty powerful. The 1200-watt motor used in most Miele vacuum cleaner models is more than enough to pick up most dirt and debris, especially when combined with the completely sealed system.

A useful feature that all Miele models have is the regulator. This helps to reduce the power when vacuuming delicate floor types where suction doesn’t have to be all that high.
The motor can achieve airflow of over 140 cubic feet per minute, supporting the efficient power of these vacuums.

Filtration Systems
There are a few filtration systems that Miele vacuums use; the Active Air Cleaner Filter, Active HEPA filter and Super Air Clean Filter. Each has its own purpose and need.
• Active Air Cleaner Filter – This filter is especially useful for people that own pets. They are effective at removing pet dander and odor.
Active HEPA Filter – The HEPA technology in this filter can trap 99% of particles as small as 0.3 micron. Well suited to those that have severe dust allergies.
• Super Air Clean Filter – This basic filter is good enough if you don’t have allergy problems or pets.


Miele Vacuum Cleaner Models

There is quite a large variety of Miele vacuums on sale. The range includes stick, robotic, canister and upright vacuums. No matter which model you choose you know you’re getting an efficient vacuum.

Miele have built up a strong reputation as many reviews suggest, and their vacuum models are worthy investments. If you are doubt, just search around online stores like Amazon and you will found that most of the reviewers gave high ratings to the various models by Miele.

The following are the four vacuum cleaner types produced by Miele. There are more focused on upright and canister vacuums.
1. Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners
• S8 Series – Cat & Dog, Calima, FreshAir, HomeCare, Kona, Alize, Marin, UniQ
• S6 Series – Onyx, Quartz, Topaz, HomeCare, Jasper
• S2 Series – Capri, Delphi, HomeCare, Olympus, Titan.

2. Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners
• S7 Series – Twist, Cat & Dog, FreshAir, Jazz, Salsa, AutoEco, HomeCare, Swing

3. Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaner
• S194 Quickstep

4. Miele Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
• Scout RX1

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