Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister VacuumIn the very beginning, having a strong desire to jump at once to the pros and cons of the Dyson DC23, I realized that it’s impossible to cut a long story short in this case. And if one has a strong desire to recommend the purchase of the Dyson and maybe to even persuade some indecisive but potential consumers to buy this prodigy it’s necessary to go through all the details thoroughly.

So here is my review of the model the Dyson DC23 bagless canister vac review of a person absolutely satisfied with the purchase made and insistently recommending this vacuum cleaner!


Product Features

  • Motorized Brush Head – Powerful bristles remove dirt and pet hair from carpets
  • Life Time HEPA filter – Approved for allergy sufferers
  • Hygienic and quick to empty the cup
  • Foot Control – Operate the brush control without having to bending down
  • Hard Floor Tool – Improved pick-up on hard floors. Long Bristles prevent scratching or marking of wood or delicate flooring
  • No running costs – No bags to buy. Just wash the filter every 6 months


Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum review

Looking for a vacuum without bags, of a canister type, but as powerful as the upright ones? This vac is just for you! The Dyson DC23 is efficient on any flooring types ever existing. Compact for storage in small spaces of ordinary flats and townhouses, it is really unbelievable at deep cleaning of the whole carpet pile. My family uses this vacuum cleaner practically daily. In spite of this fact I am really astonished at seeing how much down filth it is able to accumulate even at every day vacuuming! It is a very powerful machine that is extremely efficient for cleaning of all the types of flooring as I have already mentioned above. Hard flooring or carpets it doesn’t matter what kind of flooring you have to clean, every inch will be perfectly tidy! The Dyson TurbineHead DC23 comes with an amazing assortment of tool attachments.


Dyson DC23 review – Part 2

The design of the vac is quite impressive. So is its performance. I’m absolutely in love with the so-called “Telescopic Wand” of the vac extending to its full length in an instant! It can be used alongside with the TurbineHead, or a bare floor tool. Special stair and crevice tools, dusting brush are useful and rather helpful attachments too. By the way, for the completeness of the impression made by the Telescopic wand of the Dyson, it’s necessary to try as well TurbineHead power nozzle tool.

The way the vac moves about the floor alongside with the aggressive brush roll deep cleaning carpets won’t leave indifferent real connoisseurs and experts of perfect cleaning. Thanks to the so-called Tri-Ball Arrangement the vacuum moves in and around the corners with especial ease. What is this Tri-Ball Arrangement? It is a motion apparatus consisting of a roller that is accompanied by a tiny wheel on both sides of it. These 3 wheels function jointly making the steering especially flexible. With the help of the only wrist flick the user can execute right and left turns extremely smoothly.


Dyson DC23 review – Part 3

The key technique element of the Dyson DC23 is an unusual filtration system known as Level 3 Root Cyclone. The sense of its functioning is that it can brilliantly separate dust, sand and debris from the airstream. I’ve been vacuuming with this machine only for about six months, but its pre-filter is still absolutely clean, without any signs, at least visible, of contamination. It’s highly recommended by the company-producer to clean this pre-filter once per three months. Even so, I won’t clean it for next 6 months, I believe.

Forget about the usual routine of pushing the vacuum cleaner three, four, five eternal number of times over your carpets, then giving up, bending over and pulling the fuzzy out of carpets. Not with this the Dyson DC23!

Dyson digs everything out of carpets leaving them clean and looking brand-new. In my case I’m talking about 20-year old carpets! They really look new!В  The only pass and here it is – your carpet is absolutely clean! There doesn’t exist any other vac that can do that.

For my family this vac is worth even a thousand dollars we would easily pay such a sum for it, knowing that the result leaves nothing more to be desired. In general, I am absolutely pleased with my model of the Dyson. I definitely wouldn’t recommend any other model except for the Dyson DC23 to my friends and relatives. With the purchase of this vacuum cleaner I became the Dyson owner for lifetime!