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Dyson DC17 Animal Upright Vacuum Review

Dyson DC17 Animal is an upright vacuum cleaner that has modern design for pet owners. It provides level three stages of cyclonic separation powerful centrifugal forces to capture microscopic dust from the air that usually called the Root Cyclone technology. It makes a real clean environment in your home especially for homes with pets that […]


Overview of HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Most people know that if they are going to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner, then they should spend a little more and get a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know what HEPA stands for, and because of that, they may end up with the wrong type of vacuum cleaner or one that […]


Fundamentals, Pros and Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

One of the original features of a standard home vacuum cleaner that is finally on its way out is the bag in which the debris is stored. If you are still working with a vacuum and you find yourself replacing bags on a regular basis, then it may now be the time to see if […]